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An International Journal : The Journal of The Orchid Society of India

The Journal of The Orchid Society of India (J. Orchid Soc. India) is a peer reviewed journal of  The Orchid Society of India (TOSI). One can visit the society website through this url: The prime focus of the journal is to promote scientific and commercial aspects of orchids. This journal provides a platform with the aim of motivating   researchers, students and personnel in Orchidology.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. (Dr.) Promila Pathak
ISSN Print:0971-5371,
NAAS Rating: 3.90

Impact Factor: 2.1
Publication Frequency: Annually

The Journal of The Orchid Society of India is an international journal to disseminate advances about orchids. Research Articles and short communications (in English) can be contributed to the journal besides these monographs, symposium, proceedings, flora and book reviews are also considered for publication. The journal considers review and research articles which include: Taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, embryology, morphogenesis, cytology and cytogenetics, histo/cytochemistry, physiology, evolution and experimental studies etc .of orchids.

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